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CHERRIES is calling European companies and organisations to solve the "Provision of medical services to the Cypriot citizens that live in rural and remote areas and do not have easy access to healthcare services and prescribed medicines" challenge

Closed Call
CALL OPENS: Feb 15, 2021
CALL ENDS: Apr 15, 2021

The Challenge:

Would you like to contribute to an innovative and exciting project involving eHealth in the framework of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)?

We are looking for eHealth solutions that provide: “Provision of medical services to the Cypriot citizens that live in rural and remote areas and do not have easy access to healthcare services and prescribed medicines”

The aim is to provide accessibility and quality of medical services to the population of our villages (or anybody else with no easy access to medical canters and health professionals) without them having to travel long distances or cross checkpoint borders to gain access to healthcare services.

The selected solution will receive €50.000 funding through the CHERRIES project and will be required under contract agreement; to deploy a 10-month pilot of the proposed solution in collaboration with CyRIC and Aretaeio Hospital which is the pilot partner of the solution.

Why eHealth solutions for health and medical professionals? 

Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean boasts of a plethora of rural and remote idyllic landscapes with villages and communities spread in mountainous areas and seashores. A significant amount of the population of the island lives in these areas whilst the majority of them are adults or elderly. Their healthcare needs are growing over time and the commute for even simple diagnostics or basic medical treatment is becoming increasingly demanding and difficult, especially in the pandemic era where restriction measures and social distancing are strict and inevitable.

Health care in the Republic of Cyprus has been improving substantially with the recent long-anticipated implementation of a comprehensive National Health -care System, which is set to make the sector more streamlined and cost effective.

Major challenges face today’s health care system for which health professionals including public and private hospitals and clinics, must be prepared. There is an immense need for better coordination, communication, and more efficient processes within the hospital but also with the patient experience as well as other key stakeholders of the health care ecosystem. In addition, we have both a culture and organization of care that separate our care into distinct systems such as hospitals, home care, skilled nursing facilities, with little formal communication, relationships, or collaboration between and among those settings

Read the full call for solutions here, Cyprus Call for Solutions Application Manual

Why should you apply:

  • Co-develop and validate the solution with the challenge promoter
  • Receive 50000€ to develop your solution over 10 months*
  • Mentoring support to ensure smooth development and implementation of the solution
  • Close collaboration during the co-creation process with CyRIC EUBIC and Aretaeio Hospital professional experts.

*Eligible costs are: The lump sum should cover any cost needed for the development of the solution, including personnel costs, and specified travelling during the co-creation phase (minimum 3 meetings during the pilot)

Who can apply:

  • Registered Legal entity in any EU or EU associated countries
  • Being located in any EU country or any other EU associated countries
  • Being able to communicate in the local language

Application process:

The call will remain open for a duration of 2 months.

Applications must be submitted in English.


Please download the ‘’Cyprus Call for Solutions Applications Manual’’ for more detailed description of the Call and the preview of the Application form.

Selection process:

Applications will be rated based on the evaluation criteria from a range 1 to 10. Please refer in the ‘’Downloads’’ section .

The top three applications will be invited to a 30 minute pitching  and  Q&A session shortly after the deadline of the call.

Tentative Calendar:

  • Launch the call                                                                              15 February 2021
  • Deadline for applications                                                            15 April 2021
  • Communication of SMEs selected for oral presentations    15 May 2021
  • Oral presentations                                                                        20 May 2021
  • Notification to awarded firms                                                    May 2021
  • Signature of the grant agreement                                              May 2021
  • Kick off meeting                                                                            June 2021
  • Co-creation process                                                                      June 2021 – April 2022


Please submit your questions to

  • Mr. Moyses Moyseos (EUBIC CyRIC): +357 22282895
  • Mr. Stylianos Yiallouros (Aretaeio Private Hospital): +357 22200602

Please notice that all questions and related answers will be published in the “CHERRIES Cyprus Open Call for Solutions_FAQ” document.


Cyprus Call for Solutions Applications Manual Cyprus Call for Solutions Application Manual

Printable Form of the Application Printable template form Call for Solutions Cyprus (for demo purpose only)

Official Applications must be submitted electronically through the online form system. The printable form of the application is to provide an indication to the submitter of the range and the questions that are being asked throughout the application form

Cyprus Call Flyer Cyprus Call for Solutions Flyer

Innovation Maturity Level matrix Navigating the HealthTech Innovation Cycle

Innovation Maturity Level matrix in HealthTech Innovation Readiness standard (HIR). Q18 of the application form

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