In Sweden, responsibility for health and medical care is divided between the national government, territories and municipalities. The foundation of Swedish health and medical care is public, but private alternatives do exist. Most private caregivers have agreements with territories. The Örebro County is the healthcare provider running 28 healthcare centres, three hospitals with 8000 employees. The publicly funded innovation system of the Örebro County is compact and focused on three main activities; tech-transfer, incubation and business development. The main territorial support actors are Inkubera, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Örebro University Innovation Office and the Almi Invest.

In CHERRIES the existing cooperation between the public healthcare sector and CSOs with a focus on the Western health care district of Örebro county will be accelerated. The main actors in this regard are the Activa foundation, an organisation supporting ill and disabled people, and Möckelnföreningarna, a civil society organisation that works as an umbrella for over 100 civil society actors providing care.

Cherries activities in Örebro

>CHERRIES ÖREBRO | Insights from regional workshops

CHERRIES ÖREBRO | Insights from regional workshops

In Örebro, during September and October, territorial partners arranged several local workshops presenting the CHERRIES project and the opportunities offered by the Regional RRI experimentation.
A training workshop on RRI in health was held the 19 November and targeted actors in the innovation system and healthcare policymakers, as well as intermediaries, establishing connections among existing innovation communities (smart specialisation strategy actors; social innovation partnership) and societal actors.

>CHERRIES Örebro | Regional call for needs is online

CHERRIES Örebro | Regional call for needs is online

The Call for needs in Örebro is focusing on mental ill-health among elderly – an important topic that effects the health and quality of life for many people, and also increases the burden on the healthcare system. The issue is even more relevant in the wake of the covid-19-pandemia.
What needs are related to the mental health among elderly?
That is the question that Örebro is hoping to get lots of responses on. The call is open to professionals and civil society organisations as well as private citizens.

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All activities and open calls for Örebro will be on line as soon as possible.
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