CHERRIES is piloting a new RRI driven participatory approach to shape territorial R&I policies in the healthcare sector.

The CHERRIES Toolbox will be aimed at providing European territories with relevant resources and guidance on how to build and replicate RRI experiments in their healthcare ecosystems.

On one side the Toolbox– together with other activities – will support the design and implementation of the territorial experiments, on the other side it will enable the capacity building of territorial stakeholders preparing them for the RRI based demand articulation, experimentation and co-creation process within the three regions.

The tools and resources of the two parts of the toolbox will be available on the website at the beginning of 2021 with a guidance for their access and use. Follow us on our social media accounts or subscribe for our newsletter to get the latest updates

RRI in Healthcare

Are you interested in discovering available resources and best practices in RRI in healthcare sector?

This area of the toolbox presents a set of RRI tools that enable stakeholders and territorial partners to successfully implement the experiments. This knowledge base contains promising practices for adapting RRI based routines in and between organisations. Based on a screening and selection of promising practises, the toolbox will incorporate existing resources from EU-funded as well as national-funded projects and activities on the RRI, RIS3 and healthcare interface

Pilot toolkit

Are you considering replicating the CHERRIES methodology in your region?

This area of the toolbox provides practical information and guides, helping territorial partner organisations and stakeholders to conduct the experiments.

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