The calibre of health care in the Republic of Cyprus is improving in leaps and bounds with new specialized medical services and research, as well as the long-anticipated implementation of a comprehensive national health care system, which is set to make the sector more streamlined and cost effective. Most medical professionals in Cyprus are educated at universities in Greece, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Western Europe – an influential factor in the strong development of the country’s private sector which boasts an impressive 75 private hospitals and clinics. Cyprus is considered as an ideal destination for both medical research and new venture development due to Mediterranean Climate conditions, accessibility – in the cross sector of three continents, the low tax and IPR incentives as well as the top-tier medical centres*.

The main territorial support actors of the business and innovation ecosystem are a privately-owned R&D centre CyRIC, the certified EU|BIC of Cyprus and its incubator Gravity Ventures. Recently the government has appointed a Chief Scientist who will be the Executive authority for managing all activities including Policies, Incentives and Funding to Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 


Cherries activities in Cyprus

>CHERRIES Cyprus | Insights from the regional call for needs

CHERRIES Cyprus | Insights from the regional call for needs

The call for needs in Cyprus has been running for approximately five weeks, starting from November 2020. We asked Moyses Moyseos (Operations Manager at CyRIC) to share with us some insights from #CHERRIESCyprus.

“The regional partners CyRIC and Aretaeio Hospital have interacted and communicated with multiple stakeholders from the 4P model about the scope and purpose of the CHERRIES project and especially the adoption of its ongoing process and methodology for the future. It was encouraging to discuss and receive feedback from patient associations, individuals, professionals in the sector as well as to receive Needs that comply with our call and are aligned from all different perspectives to the common benefit of the community and the local ecosystem.

Healthcare in the Republic of Cyprus has been improving substantially with the recent long-anticipated implementation of a comprehensive National Health-care System, which is set to make the sector more streamlined and cost effective.

Major challenges face today’s health care system for which health professionals including public and private hospitals and clinics, must be prepared. There is an immense need for better coordination, communication, and more efficient processes within the hospital but also with the patient experience as well as other key stakeholders of the health care ecosystem. In addition, we have both a culture and organization of care that separate our care into distinct systems such as hospitals, home care, skilled nursing facilities, with little formal communication, relationships, or collaboration between and among those settings.

Our call for needs was looking for specific eHealth needs that clearly defined the problems and hurdles that individuals or organizations are currently facing in providing high quality medical and healthcare services. Transforming systems in a way that would give patients and health professionals more of an active role, as users of new technology in the care continuum, is a priority”.

>CHERRIES Cyprus | Regional call for needs is open!

CHERRIES Cyprus | Regional call for needs is open!

Would you like to contribute in an innovative and exciting project involving eHealth in the framework of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)?
The needs inventory is an important part of the project as it determines the direction of the pilot project that will be launched later in the project. Do you see a need that needs to be met? Take your chance to influence and contribute in the project!
The CHERRIES project aims to find new, innovative solutions to meet health challenges. Right now, we are investigating what needs are linked to the eHealth solutions for remote and rural areas patients especially in the period of the pandemic.
You can submit your need by filling in a form which builds on the following aspects:
– Description of the need, its causes and effects
– Which individuals/groups in society are affected
– What a possible solution could lead to
A good and detailed description will make it easier for us to understand what is at stake and thus assess the need.
Learn more about the call and send us your entry by email by 30 November.

All activities and open calls for Cyprus will be on line as soon as possible.
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