Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare | Insights from CHERRIES webinar #4

How does RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) fit into Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)? How can European Regions leverage their diversities to boost innovation? This question opened the 4th and last episode of CHERRIES webinar dedicated to "Regional innovation ... Read More

The role of procurement in healthcare innovation | Insights from CHERRIES webinar #3

The third episode of CHERRIES webinar series -held last October 6th- tackled the topic of innovation procurement in the healthcare sector. The first two episodes set the scene on demand-driven innovation policies and responsible healthcare ecosystems and in both occasions ... Read More

SISCODE workshop | Co-creation as a method to bring RRI in the project

Our coordinator, Stefan Philipp (ZSI), will share insights about CHERRIES methodology during the upcoming workshop organised by SISCODE, an EU funded project aimed at stimulating the use of co-creation methodologies in policy design, using bottom-design-driven methodologies to pollinate Responsible Research and ... Read More

The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare | Insights from CHERRIES webinar #1

On September 22, CHERRIES kick started its webinar series dedicated to the exploration of responsible healthcare ecosystems in Europe. Four episodes aimed at discussing with academic experts and innovation practitioners how the healthcare sector can approach a transition towards more ... Read More

Explore Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems in Europe with CHERRIES Webinar Series 2020

The European healthcare sector is facing several challenges that are pushing for significant changes: aging population, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, access to healthcare services in COVID-19 era, just to mention a few. In this changing and challenging times for ... Read More

CyRIC EU|BIC and Aretaeio Hospital working together to improve Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems in Cyprus

Science and technology are transformative forces that have granted humans the capacity to alter ecosystems, the Earth’s climate, and even the building blocks of matter and life itself. R&I have improved our world and our lives in many ways and ... Read More