CHERRIES is an official partner of the 2022 European Week Regions and Cities | Join our online workshop!

Draw of a green neighbourhood and title of CHERRIES session at European Week of the Regions and CIties

Summertime brought us a wonderful news! CHERRIES has been selected as official partner of the 2022 European Week of Regions and Cities!

Our consortium partners EBN, ZSI, Activa Foundation and Murcia Region will be on stage to share insights and reflections resulting from almost 3 years of project activities dedicated to explore responsible and demand-driven innovation approaches in the regional healthcare sector.

The session “Shaping the Next Generation of Regional Innovation Policies: Open, Responsible and Inclusive” presents evidence-based policy recommendations emerging from the work carried out by the CHERRIES Horizon 2020 project in three European regions to test Responsible and Open Innovation processes to develop solutions for territorial challenges in the healthcare sector. We’ll debate how Open and Responsible R&I approaches can shape sustainable and inclusive regional smart specialisation strategies to better meet territorial needs and exploit available resources by mobilising a wide range of societal actors.


  • Stefan Philipp, Researcher and Project Manager and CHERRIES project Coordinator. ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation
  • Cristina Fanjul, President European Business and Innovation Centre Network
  • Charlotta Karlsson – Andersson, CEO Activa Foundation
  • Adrián Zittelli Ferrari, Director-General for the European Union Affairs for the Region of Murcia and Representative of the CoR
    Region of Murcia

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the conversation and discuss the next generation of regional innovation policies!

We’ll be live on October 12th from 9:30 till 1:00 CET