Smart Health Technologies in medical diagnostic and treatment

| Iasi, Romania
Medic Nest is a transnational cluster partnership which has been selected under the ECEP, in 2022 to strengthen cluster management excellence and facilitate strategic partnering and exchange between clusters and specialized eco-systems across Europe in the field of precision medicine, as well as using a cross-over approach towards digital technologies, through implementing a new ClusterXchange ... Read More

Extended Reality Solutions: The Future of Healthcare Simulation | EBN and Coventry University Webinar

16:00 | Online
Coventry University and EBN are proud to be partnering up on the webinar series dedicated to the transformative power of innovation through Simulation, Immersive and Experiential Technologies. New technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are having a big impact on the workforce and economy. There is a huge demand for skills in the design, ... Read More