The new CHERRIES Model is out!

We are glad to announce that our latest publication presenting and discussing the original CHERRIES model and the experience from its adoption in the three Pilot Regions. Based on this diagnostic, partners introduce considerations from Sustainability Transition Studies in the context of healthcare and present the “new CHERRIES Model”.

In Sustainability Transitions, transitions are non-linear, long-term and fundamental change processes towards sustainability that alter the way society is organised, operates and values services and amenities. Transition Studies provide three core elements that are useful for a future CHERRIES model: strategic transition management, transition arenas, and niche management.

The original CHERRIES model is amended by a Healthcare Innovation Hub, in charge of creating stable relations between actors that are based on trust and shared objectives as a basis for developing shared visions and understandings of the general development trajectories of healthcare services in a given context.

Then, based on the learning of the experimentation that focussed on 1. Need Identification, 2. Solution Selection and 3. Co-creation of the Solution, a fourth step is introduced in the new CHERRIES model: the Limited Demonstrator of Solution. The idea behind the fourth step is to create a bridge between the development of the prototype in step three (co-creation of solution) and an implementation process via (public) procurement of the Solution.

Download the publication here The new CHERRIES Model – final

The publication also include the factsheets on the three regional pilots held in Cyprus, Murcia and Örebro. Discover how the CHERRIES methodology was applied in the three contexts, and the key learnings from each ecosystem.