RRI in Healthcare

In Part One of the Toolbox can be found a brief introduction and some useful resources for interpreting and framing the concepts of RRI, Open Science, Open Innovation, and territorial RRI in general and in the health domain. These resources are suggested for supporting a reflection about what’s at stake with RRI, why RRI changes should be put in place, and what this might mean for the governance of the R&I healthcare sector.

Obviously, in the spirit of this Toolbox, only a few selected more theoretical resources are here presented. These resources were considered of particular interest for a process of interpretation, which represents a preliminary step in view of the formulation and implementation of a project of change.

In particular, this part is aimed at providing basic information and references about RRI with a focus on:

  • Healthcare sector
  • General resources for the interpretation of “territorial RRI” as a result of the integration between RRI principles and regional innovation policies (like the Smart Specialisation Strategy)
  • Relevant (theoretical and methodological) contributes to framing sustainable/responsible Innovation in Health, with particular reference to the RRI process dimensions
  • Examples of projects, initiatives, or inspiring readings on RRI in Health, in which there is a focus of RRI.

This part is organised in the following three chapters:

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