Burgos (ES)

Burgos is a province of Spain belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y León, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is the homonymous city.
Burgos is the Spanish province with the largest number of municipalities, however, most of them do not reach 1,000 inhabitants. In the province there are 371 municipalities and more than 1200 population centers.
The province of Burgos has an area of ​​14,022 km², and in 2020 it had 355,693 inhabitants. The distribution of the Burgos population is not uniform. The province has 355,693 inhabitants of which 68.9% (245,365) live in the three localities, which are in turn the most dynamic, of more than 20,000 inhabitants of the province, while 31% (110,328) live one of the 368 municipalities or 1,197 population centers in the province (Of the slightly more than 1,200 municipalities in Burgos, 953 have less than 100 inhabitants).
The average population density of the province is 25.36 inhabitants per square kilometer, slightly higher than the density of the autonomous community of 25 inhabitants / km² and much lower than the 94.8 inhabitants / km² of Spain. The province ranks as the third most populated in Castilla y León. It presents a low demographic dynamism. In the national group, the province is in position 36. The main demographic problem in the province is the rural environment, since while the large population centers remain stable or maintain a gradual growth, the countryside and rural areas are in full depopulation. In the province of Burgos, 24.04% of the population is 65 years or older.



The Society for the development of the province of Burgos (SODEBUR) is an instrumental entity of the Provincial Council to promote the economic and social development of our province and its municipalities. To do this, it develops its structured work in five areas: energy, industry, tourism, institutional cooperation and economic and social promotion.

As an instrumental entity of the government of the province, one of the main tasks of SODEBUR is the preparation, execution and monitoring of the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Provincial of Burgos in all its planes.

The European Business and Innovation Center of Burgos (CEEI BURGOS) or Business Innovation Center (BIC Burgos), the only certified EU-BIC in the Region, was created in 1994 as a specialized instrument at the service of local development under the model , quality criteria and sponsorship of the European Commission and the promotion of the regional and local entities and institutions most committed to the socio-economic development of our territory with the mission of promoting it through the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is currently made up of the Burgos City Council, the Burgos Provincial Council and the Isabel I International University.

CEEI Burgos regularly collaborates with SODEBUR in the identification of problems that affect the socioeconomic development of the province and in the design of policies and intervention plans.


Burgos (ES) Local Partners

CEEI Burgos
Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación Go to website
Sociedad para el Desarrollo de la Provincia de Burgos Go to website

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