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Centro Region is one of the five Portuguese administrative regions from the mainland. It has around 2.2 million inhabitants (22% of Portugal), spread over 100 municipalities, which cover 31% of the national territory. Two of the striking characteristics of the region are its rather low population density and is its demographic decline. In Centro, in 2020, the crude rate of natural growth (of population) was -0,65% and for each 207 elderly people (65 or more years-old) there was only 100 young persons (less than 15 years-old). Ageing of population is, therefore, a recognized problem in Centro Region and the search for innovative and inclusive solutions, which can promote lifelong health and an autonomous life, is a real and current need.

In this context, Ageing@Coimbra was created having as main goal the valorization of the role of the elderly people in society and the implementation of good practices to promote well-being and a healthy and active ageing. Although it has a regional coverage, this consortium was born in Coimbra trying to capitalize on the existing resources, competences and services – which include a dynamic knowledge and innovation ecosystem and quality social and health care units. Ageing@Coimbra is a reference site on Active and Healthy Ageing since 2012 and in the last call it was recognized as a four stars reference site (highest rating).
Between the founding members of the consortium are Instituto Pedro Nunes, University of Coimbra, the Academic Hospital Centre of Coimbra (all three partners of EIT Health, representing the whole value chain). CCDRC is also one of the members that compose Ageing@Coimbra and it is the regional agency responsible for dealing with the regional development, for managing the Regional Operational Programme, and for coordinating the regional S3 (being Health and Well-Being one of the regional specialization domains since the beginning).

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Ageing @ Coimbra
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