CHERRIES Webinar Series | Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare

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Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems | CHERRIES Webinar Series*

Episode 4. Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare

With Dr. Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)

About the webinar:

  • Regional innovation dilemma: diversify or specialize?
  • How RIS3 can combine territorial diversity and today global challenges? Is there a role for RRI in finding such a critical balance?
  • United in diversity – what are the commonalities the different European regional innovation ecosystems present in the healthcare sector?
  • How RIS3 can contribute to more accessible and inclusive health and cares services in Europe?

The webinar aims at providing an overview of the importance of European regions in promoting and enabling innovation and how policies evolved to use innovation as an instrument for regional development.

The ability of regions to diversify into new innovative activities and to develop new sustainable growth paths remains very unevenly distributed. Together with Gaston Heimeriks we will see how regional diversification of innovation activities is a process characterized by past and place dependence: new activities tend to emerge and develop in a region in fields closely related to existing local activities. Many regions thus struggle to respond successfully to ongoing transitions and changing circumstances. Shaping the territorial dimension of future policies for sustainable growth requires understanding the territorial diversity – key challenges and development perspectives – of different places as well as formulating policy approaches and implementation tools that can help to maximise their development potentials. Each region has a unique perspective on global developments.

The session continues with an overview on RIS3 and healthcare by Anett Ruszanov. Territorial health innovation ecosystem (local, municipal, regional, provincial, county…) models might differ in certain aspects but they all share the common goal: foster the relation between the quadruple helix actors to provide high quality, sustainable person-centred health and care at an affordable price and increase the quality of life of their citizens of all ages. The inspirational presentation  by Anett aims to engage the audience in a discussion about how these health innovation ecosystems are built, governed and sustained in various corners of Europe, what challenges they face and what good practices they have to share.


The Speakers

Dr. Gaston Heimeriks is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. He is also Assistant Professor at the Department of Innovation Studies, Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University. Gaston is currently vice president and member of the Executive Committee of the Eu-SPRI Forum (European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation). His interdisciplinary research efforts focus on understanding the knowledge dynamics arising from the co-evolution of science, economy and societal institutions. Knowledge is the fundamental engine driving new inventions, economic growth, and the ability to address grand societal challenges. How can we understand the ability of geographic regions, economic sectors and scientific fields to solve problems, to innovate, and to develop new ideas?

Anett Ruszanov  is a project manager with sixteen years of professional experience in Brussels. She has been coordinating regional partners’ activities on behalf of ERIN in Horizon 2020 and other various funding programmes for more than 10 years now. Her special expertise lies in digital transformation of health and care, stakeholder engagement, co-creation with stakeholders, event organisations and community management. Before ERRIN Anett was heading a regional office and worked for Business Hungary for four years.


*About CHERRIES Webinar Series | Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems

CHERRIES | Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems invited experts from different fields to guide us into a preliminary exploration of the key dimensions of regional innovation ecosystems in the healthcare sector: the demand driven and user-led approached to healthcare innovation; how RRI can mitigate the complexity of healthcare ecosystems; the role of procurement in healthcare innovation and how regional smart specialisation strategies can shape more inclusive and efficient healthcare ecosystems.

We will count on the valuable contributions of our Advisory Board Members and colleagues presenting concrete experiences and initiatives from different European ecosystems.

These webinars are thought for a diverse audience, including academic players, innovation-active actors, intermediary organizations and regional and health policy actors. Each session will see two speakers addressing the main topic from different perspectives, so to be relevant for practitioners with different backgrounds.

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  1. The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare – 22 September (15:30-16:30). Prof Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)
  2. RRI practices in healthcare – 29 September (12:30-13:30). Rosina Malgarida (IrisCaixa Barcelona) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)
  3. The role of procurement in healthcare innovation – 06 October (14:30-15:30). Dr John Rigby (Bibliometica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)
  4. Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare – 13 October (14:30-15:30). Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)

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