CHERRIES Webinar Series | RRI practices in healthcare

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Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems | CHERRIES Webinar Series*

Episode 2 | RRI practices in healthcare

With Rosina Malagrida (Head of Living Lab for Health, Institut de Recerca de la Sida IrsiCaixa) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)

About the webinar:

  • How RRI can improve innovation practices in the healthcare sector?
  • Is the Responsible Research and Innovation framework developed enough to embrace such a complex ecosystem (the healthcare one)?
  • How can makers contribute to more accessible, collaborative and innovative healthcare solutions?
  • How responsible practices can contribute to the definition of impactful solutions to the healthcare challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic?

During the last decades different movements such as “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”, among others, have been promoting a change of paradigm within the R&I system to make it more open and inclusive. We are trying to better include different stakeholders in the R&I process to assure that our outcomes better respond to their needs and expectations. By doing so, we expect to increase the impact of our solutions, among other aims.

However, this is not always the case. Then, is RRI enough? When problems are complex and persistent, RRI needs to be put into practice attending the complexity of the challenge addressed.

Rosina Malagrida will speak about managing complexity with RRI and system thinking in the healthcare sector. She will share the approach of the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa where they aim to help multi-stakeholder ecosystems dealing with complex problems by combining RRI approaches with system thinking.

Barbara Kieslinger will give us insights from the Careables project; a mixed community of people and organisations committed to the co-design and making of open and personalised healthcare solutions for everyone.

Born from the EU-funded collaborative H2020 project MADE4YOU, Careables goal is to make digital fabrication for anyone to adapt and use at will. The recipe requires 3 digital ingredients: open source hardware & software, manufacturing tools, such as a 3D printer near you, and a platform where to get inspired and share the ideas. Careables is committed to responsible making, even in times of crisis, and has defined a set of core principles.

Barbara will also present how responsible approaches to digital making can contribute to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly shown the risks and limits of relying solely on centralized large corporations and governments, and therefore has set off an unprecedented interest in local, distributed, and openly accessible design and manufacturing to solve the massive unmet needs that have surfaced during the crisis. Careables has recently released a dedicated COVID-19 collection which includes around 20 designs of open solutions that are shared worldwide. They are just some of the many (over 100)  www.careables.org designs and personal-use type of projects to stay safe and that can make a difference to health and social well-being.


The Speakers

Rosina Malagrida is Head of the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa and co-coordinator of the Barcelona “la Caixa” Living Lab. She aims to contribute to systemic transformations in parallel with changes in the R&I system by making them more open, inclusive and transdisciplinary with the aim to achieve high impact solutions for complex societal challenges. With this aim she offers consultancy and facilitation of multistakeholder innovation ecosystems where different actors are invited to participate in strategic reflections and in the co-design and co-implementation of action plans to promote alignment and improvement of current solutions and to co-design new ones, including systemic policies, services and R&I solutions, among others. The methodologies are inspired by Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and system thinking. She combines these initiatives with research in collaboration with the VU Universtiy of Amsterdam and with academic teaching in different undergraduate and post graduate degrees of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She also offers trainings in other universities, research organisations and innovation agencies and has already trained more than 5,000 researchers and innovators. She has previously worked at the Barcelona Science Park and at the science museums of Barcelona and London, and has participated as PI in 10 EC funded projects related with RRI during the last 15 years (RRI Tools, Fit4Food, EnRRICH, InSPIRES, etc.).

Dr. Barbara Kieslinger currently coordinates careables.org, an EC-funded project on open healthcare, which facilitates co-design, making and sharing of open, personalised healthcare for everyone. Barbara has extensive experience in international research project management and networking activities. Her research at the Centre for Social Innovation (Vienna, Austria) is focusing on citizen science and citizen innovation, open science and the relation between technological/digital and social innovations. Barbara also regularly serves as an external expert for the European Commission. In parallel, her entrepreneurial skills are deployed in the audio tech start-up proactivaudio.


*About CHERRIES Webinar Series | Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems

CHERRIES | Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems invited experts from different fields to guide us into a preliminary exploration of the key dimensions of regional innovation ecosystems in the healthcare sector: the demand driven and user-led approached to healthcare innovation; how RRI can mitigate the complexity of healthcare ecosystems; the role of procurement in healthcare innovation and how regional smart specialisation strategies can shape more inclusive and efficient healthcare ecosystems.

We will count on the valuable contributions of our Advisory Board Members and colleagues presenting concrete experiences and initiatives from different European ecosystems.

These webinars are thought for a diverse audience, including academic players, innovation-active actors, intermediary organizations and regional and health policy actors. Each session will see two speakers addressing the main topic from different perspectives, so to be relevant for practitioners with different backgrounds.

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  1. The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare – 22 September (15:30-16:30). Prof Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)
  2. RRI practices in healthcare – 29 September (12:30-13:30). Rosina Malgarida (IrisCaixa Barcelona) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)
  3. The role of procurement in healthcare innovation – 06 October (14:30-15:30). Dr John Rigby (Bibliometica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)
  4. Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare – 13 October (14:30-15:30). Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)

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