CHERRIES Webinar Series | The role of need in open and user-led innovation in healthcare

15:30 | Online

Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems | CHERRIES Webinar Series*

Episode 1. The role of need in open and user-led innovation in healthcare

With Prof. Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)

About the webinar:

  • What is the role of users in the healthcare innovation process?
  • How demand/need driven innovation approaches can result in improved healthcare ecosystems?
  • Which are the key issues to be considered when launching a co-creation process?

These are the questions that will get Prof. Wouter Boon and Myriam Martin in conversation with the audience.

Prof. Boon will talk about innovation in healthcare and the role of users in all steps of the innovation process. This ranges from need and demand articulation in agenda-setting to user involvement the development and successful implementation of healthcare innovations. He will also touch on the role of innovation policy related to the demand side, users and market creation.

Myriam Martin will talk how digitalisation in healthcare offers providers a new opportunity to deliver better care to patients through access and engagement with technologies. However, no tailored solutions are often ready in the market to meet the needs the professionals face.

It’s important to co-create the solutions by meeting those needs while focusing on the improvement patient care, and how to work together to be able to create and prioritise the things that need to be worked on. In order to co-create, it is key to integrate professionals, patients and solution developers into the processes of ideations and execution so that their unique perspectives could, ultimately, drive value for both the developers and the professionals.

Through practical insights from the inDemand project, Myriam will show a new model tested in Murcia (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and Paris (France) where Healthcare organizations and companies co-created Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of public regional funds.


The Speakers

Wouter Boon is associate professor in Innovation and life sciences at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development of Utrecht University. His research in the field of innovation studies focuses on the dynamics and governance of emerging technologies in science-based sectors, such as life sciences and healthcare. The theoretical focus of his work is on the role of user innovations, user-producer interactions, regulation and knowledge production in emerging technology fields. In this context he conducted research projects on governance of emerging health technologies (e.g. on the future of genetic testing), technology transfer practices in academic hospitals, regulation of pharmaceutical and medical device products (e.g. reimbursement and pharmacovigilance), patient participation in innovation processes, and public-private partnerships in R&D programmes aimed at the grand challenges.

Myriam Martin is specialised in the implementation and management of projects aimed to meet challenges in healthcare that can be solved with the use of ICT. Main areas of interest include supporting eHealth SMEs to shorten the go-to-market process, as well as paving the way for the take up of eHealth by spotting areas of opportunity. She joined TICBIOMED in 2013, which allowed her to actively interact with potential customers and end-users. Myriam graduated in Economics and Business at ICADE in Madrid, and holds a Master degree in European business.


*About CHERRIES Webinar Series | Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems

CHERRIES | Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems invited experts from different fields to guide us into a preliminary exploration of the key dimensions of regional innovation ecosystems in the healthcare sector: the demand driven and user-led approached to healthcare innovation; how RRI can mitigate the complexity of healthcare ecosystems; the role of procurement in healthcare innovation and how regional smart specialisation strategies can shape more inclusive and efficient healthcare ecosystems.

We will count on the valuable contributions of our Advisory Board Members and colleagues presenting concrete experiences and initiatives from different European ecosystems.

These webinars are thought for a diverse audience, including academic players, innovation-active actors, intermediary organizations and regional and health policy actors. Each session will see two speakers addressing the main topic from different perspectives, so to be relevant for practitioners with different backgrounds.

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  1. The role of need in open and user-led innovation approaches in healthcare – 22 September (15:30-16:30). Prof Wouter Boon (University of Utrecht) and Myriam Martin (TicBiomed)
  2. RRI practices in healthcare – 29 September (12:30-13:30). Rosina Malgarida (IrisCaixa Barcelona) and Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI)
  3. The role of procurement in healthcare innovation – 06 October (14:30-15:30). Dr John Rigby (Bibliometica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)
  4. Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare – 13 October (14:30-15:30). Gaston Heimeriks (University of Leiden – CWST) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN)

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