CHERRIES Webinar Series | The role of procurement in healthcare innovation

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Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems | CHERRIES Webinar Series*

Episode  3. The role of procurement in healthcare innovation

With Dr. John Rigby (University of Manchester | Bibliometrica Ltd.) and Samuli Kauppinen (Oulu University Hospital)

About the webinar:

  • What role for pre-commerical procurement in demand side innovation policies?
  • Is the EU public procurement legal framework ready to support demand side innovation policies?
  • What is the role of procurement in healthcare innovation? What role for regional ecosystems?

Together with John Rigby, the session will first provide an overview of the importance of demand side innovation policies with a focus on procurement. To better illustrate the role of procurement in healthcare innovation, John Rigby will also present the specific experience of Manchester areas.

John will introduce demand side innovation policies and government’s reasons for interest in the topic. He will refer to his book and book chapter. He will note the legal frameworks that have arisen to implement the policy, the adoption of the pre-commercial procurement as parallel policy to the procurement of innovation, and its eventual adoption within the main public procurement legal framework of the EU. Possible changes to public procurement legal frameworks will be noted that affect large economies outwith the EU that may be a sign of things to come.

John will then discuss health innovation generally and then focus a discussion on procurement of innovation in the UK’s system with specific reference to the region of the North West where the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has been created to organize and manage both the demand for health and social care and its provision.

John will suggest that even in the UK where there is a centralized system of health provision on the Beveridge model, responsibility for procurement and innovation is diverse. John will characterize the innovation system as an eco-system rather than a system as such. Actors at different levels can initiate innovation activities that may lead to procurement in this system and there are many incentive systems to encourage profit-making / profit-taking activities. John will describe the major actors, levels and incentive systems in the North West Region.

We will then hear from Samuli Kauppinen about the state of Oulu University Hospital innovation procurement. The hospital is currently developing a methodology for any innovative procurement projects that arise in the future. He will talk about the different methods they have identified to implement aspects of innovative procurement in the healthcare sector.


The Speakers

Dr John Rigby is honorary senior research fellow at The University of Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and now runs a research consultancy Bibliometrica Ltd. He is formerly Associate Head of Postgraduate Research in the Innovation, Management and Policy Division of the Alliance Manchester Business School. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a life Member of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, a member of the Procurement Law Academic Network, and a former President of Manchester Statistical Society. His interests and expertise extend around the whole policy cycle from policy and programme design and development, through implementation to evaluation, and impact assessment. He has a long-standing interest in bibliometrics, a subject on which he has published regularly. Since 2004, he has been an active researcher in the area of demand side policy, and has published highly-cited and important studies and reports on public procurement of innovation. Between 2010 and 2012 he led the DG Enterprise study on the feasibility of EU support to the procurement of innovation, and more recently has led the UK Government’s review of the UK Small Business Research Initiative (the SBRI). His work has supported a wide range of major policy making and funding bodies around the world, including the UK Government, The Technology Strategy Board, the Austrian Science Fund, the Human Frontiers Science Program Organisation (HFSPO), the European Union (DG Grow, DG RTD, DG Connect), and more recently, the Inter-American Development Bank. John has a successful history of leading EU projects both in the project management role and as main investigator.

Samuli Kauppinen is an international business professional currently working as a procurement specialist for the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District’s (NOHD) Procurement Division in Oulu, Finland. Since joining the ranks in 2016 he has handled different procurement projects for medical devices, ICT systems and services as well as medical supplies of various categories. In addition to the everyday work of handling several medical supply contract terms and tendering new ones, Samuli is currently working on developing an innovation procurement model for NOHD in co-operation with Oulu University Hospital Testlab.


*About CHERRIES Webinar Series | Exploring Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems

CHERRIES | Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems invited experts from different fields to guide us into a preliminary exploration of the key dimensions of regional innovation ecosystems in the healthcare sector: the demand driven and user-led approached to healthcare innovation; how RRI can mitigate the complexity of healthcare ecosystems; the role of procurement in healthcare innovation and how regional smart specialisation strategies can shape more inclusive and efficient healthcare ecosystems.

We will count on the valuable contributions of our Advisory Board Members and colleagues presenting concrete experiences and initiatives from different European ecosystems.

These webinars are thought for a diverse audience, including academic players, innovation-active actors, intermediary organizations and regional and health policy actors. Each session will see two speakers addressing the main topic from different perspectives, so to be relevant for practitioners with different backgrounds.

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