Drivers of Responsible Sourcing | Common Grounds – Collective Actions – Lasting Change

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The RE-SOURCING Project is hosting its Virtual Opening Conference – “Drivers of Responsible Sourcing: Find Common Ground, Prompt Collective Action, Create Lasting Change” – on 18th-19th January 2021.

Learn from and engage with high-level experts from business, policy and civil society

Event Overview
Responsible Sourcing has come of age, with a plethora of initiatives, actions, paradigms and management approaches to support global sustainability agendas. At the same time, Responsible Sourcing is facing a challenging moment in time: The EU Green Deal, the COVID-19 pandemic, a narrowing window to meet global climate goals and various other changes require us to rethink the future of Responsible Sourcing.

The RE-SOURCING Project recognizes the opportunity of this moment to consolidate our global experiences and forge an agreed path for the future. We invite you to join the project’s Opening Conference that will dive into some of the major Drivers of Responsible Sourcing. Examining the road already traveled and mapping the paths ahead, we will delve into the question: Are we on track to find common ground, prompt collective action, and create lasting change?

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Who should attend this event?
Responsible Sourcing Opening Conference “Drivers of Responsible Sourcing” welcomes businesses, policy makers, civil society and academia alike to bring forward their view on where we stand and where we should go with Responsible Sourcing. We encourage an open and critical, yet constructive discourse that increases problem awareness from all relevant perspectives.

You should attend this event to learn more about the current state of Responsible Sourcing, engage with the RE-SOURCING network, and participate in peer learning and knowledge co-creation for supporting businesses and policy makers in their uptake of Responsible Sourcing.

RE-SOURCING (https://re-sourcing.eu/) is a new Horizon 2020 project on Responsible Sourcing. The project aims at building a global stakeholder platform to mitigate social impacts, environmental burden and business risks at the same time. The project’s vision is to establish responsible sourcing as a common principle among EU and international stakeholders.