E-Health Summer University | eHealth: the end of lockdown!

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Every year since 2007, the world of health and innovation meets in Castres-Mazamet for two days of immersion in eHealth.

A time for interdisciplinary meetings bringing together groups as diverse as telecommunications operators, patients, big data, funders and regulators, and, of course, healthcare institutions and professionals. This year, the eHealth University will celebrate the 15th edition of its summer university programme by tackling the issue of how obstacles to eHealth can be lifted.

“eHealth: the end of lockdown!” is not just the programme’s theme, but a call to all stakeholders and operators to unlock their potential. 

Indeed – and the global health crisis that has been ongoing for the last year demonstrates this every day – it is time to lift the obstacles to eHealth and allow it to play its rightful role in the different healthcare systems and patient care journeys.

The eHealth University’s 2021 summer school programme will focus on different topics, such as:

  • Lifting territorial obstacles so that we can all take advantage of our different experiences, from the territorial hospital groups to international structures;
  • Lifting obstacles on practices, so that implementation replaces relentless, repeated experimentation;
  • Lifting technological obstacles so that access to the same quality of care is finally a reality;
  • Lifting obstacles facing actors so that the discussions that started 15 years ago at the eHealth University continue well after the summer.

The eHealth Summer School is designed and led by the EU|BIC Castres- Mazamet Technopole Technology Hub

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