European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA 2020) Adapting to demographic change in Europe in the 2020s

9:00 | Online

Together, the Active Assisted Living (AAL) Programme, the EIP on AHA (European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing) and the Joint Programming Initiative More Years, Better Lives (JPI MYBL) organise the European Week of Active & Healthy Ageing (EWAHA) on 2-6 November, 2020.

All three supporting initiatives, the AAL ProgrammeEIP on AHA, & JPI MYBL were set up in order to support Europe’s adaptations to an ageing society. The three have collaborated closely in 2019-2020 to unite their efforts. Now, they are putting demographic change more prominently onto Europe’s research and innovation agenda. This special initiative will look into the future ten years until 2030. This decade is a real opportunity to focus on healthy ageing and demographic change.

CHERRIES’ recommendations.

“Accelerating market adoption of digital solutions for healthy ageing” on Tuesday 3 November at 14:15 (CET). By Maite Ferrando, Javier Quiles del Rio, Elias Castro Gonzalez, Maddalena Illario. Moderator: Jon Switters.

This session will introduce the attendees with some of the success stories in the market adoption of digital solutions resulting from investment and financing strategies, closely aligned with innovation cultures, procurement processes, and approaches to change management. The speakers will include representatives from both the demand and supply sides of digital solutions in support of health ageing policies both from public and private sectors. The speakers will show how the supply side has been able to position its digital solutions, and how digital solutions have been largely adopted highlighting the opportunities in the healthy ageing markets.

“Building and consolidating regional innovation ecosystems for active ageing” on Wednesday 4 November at 10:00 (CET). By Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, Brian O’Connor, Ivan Kjaer Lauridsen, Rachelle Kaye
The session will present various ecosystems’ journey, be it sophisticated and efficient stakeholders ecosystems or data ecosystems. Representatives will report on how they have developed their collaborations within and between other ecosystems in Europe and beyond, what strategies they are applying or applied and what support they can get to foster innovation They will discuss the challenges they have faced or are facing in being innovative, and their lessons learned. We will learn from the invited experts about how well-organised ecosystems can promote  and scale up innovations.