Workshop: Smart Health Use Cases and Champions

16:00 | Online

Organized by Atos and “la Caixa” Foundation in the framework of the LIVIN project, the workshop aims to share experiences and learn about successful examples of smart technologies used to support eHealth, healthy living, and preventive health, and to collect evidence of the (positive) effect of applying Responsible Innovation methodologies.

In this context, the LIVIN project have invited use case champions to talk about their project and exchange information about their approach to RRI and the benefits they obtained.

Join this workshop and explore the following use cases with us:

  1. Edgar Jorba is founder & CEO at Aimentia, a virtual clinic powered by Artificial Intelligence for the new era of Mental Health.
    Edgar will talk about disruptive digital health solutions based on artificial intelligence for mental health professionals, improving their capacity, efficiency and standardizing current practices.
  2. Fernando Fernández Rebollo is co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Inrobics (Intelligent Robotics).
    Fernando will present Inrobics’ new rehabilitation solution through a digital health AI platform embodied in social robots to help people with functional or neurological limitations improve their quality of life.
  3. Jordi Ferré Albiol is co-Founder & CEO of KAMLEON and will give insights into decentralized traditional laboratory analysis by turning quotidian objects, such as toilets, into biomonitoring platforms. KAMLEON’s smart urinalysis system allows for effortless monitoring of advanced physiological metrics, such as hydration, in real time in a robust way.
  4. Victoria Ramos González is project leader at Telemedicine and Digital Health Research Unit at Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Victoria introduces MELTIC (Ideas Melting pot for TIC and Health science for Citizens in small communities), a project that works to improve the quality of life of citizens in small communities in rural areas by co-creating and developing ICT health services with divers stakeholders.
  5. Sandra Andrusaityte is project leader at Vytautas Magnus University and will share insights of the The Kaunas Cities Health pilot study, which outlines citizens’ concerns and places them in the centre of citizen science research by assessing how urban design and physical activity affects citizens’ health and well-being.
  6. Carme Carrion is project leader at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya eHealth Center.Carme introduces the EVALAPPS project, which aims to assess the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of mHealth apps whose main goal is to manage and prevent overweight and obesity.
  7. Ezequiel Hidalgo Galache is founder and CEO of Eyegress SL. Ezequiel shares VReal, an affordable tele-rehabilitation platform that helps patients with neurological deficits, such as those caused by a stroke, to regain their independence. Using the patient’s smartphone, the platform provides evidence-based, cost-effective neurological tele-rehabilitation through a range of VR videos.

After the presentations, an open discussion among the use case champions will be facilitated by Lydia Montandon and Diana Carbonero, from Atos.

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Source: https://www.living-innovation.net/news/article?id=204&title=workshop—smart-health-use-cases-and-champions