SISCODE workshop | Co-creation as a method to bring RRI in the project

Our coordinator, Stefan Philipp (ZSI), will share insights about CHERRIES methodology during the upcoming workshop organised by SISCODE, an EU funded project aimed at stimulating the use of co-creation methodologies in policy design, using bottom-design-driven methodologies to pollinate Responsible Research and Innovation, and Science Technology and Innovation Policies.

This 2-hours workshop will take place on the 7th of October and it is aimed  to explore the meaning of integrating and conveying RRI into STI projects, reflecting on how co-creation can help integrating RRI aspects in research questions/projects, using co-creation as a leverage/catalyst for RRI integration.

During the workshop, the experience of two of SISCODE’s ten co-creation labs  (Krakow Technology Park and Thess-Ahall) will be showcased as a basis for the discussion, together with a brief overview on how coordinators of invited project tackled co-creation actions in their projects. A group discussion with the participation of European Commission policy and Project officers will follow, focusing on how co-creation can help operationalize RRI.

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