”Blockchain use cases in healthcare” new report of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum just released the thematic report “BLOCKCHAIN USE CASES IN HEALTHCARE“.

The paper examines how blockchain might be used to address a number of serious challenges that the healthcare industry faces today in Europe:

1) the problems from the perspective of the individual and his or her health data. The report looks at how blockchain could support self-sovereign identity paradigms to health data, allowing individuals to store their own health records and control access, and the possible advantages this could provoke.

2) the issues from the perspective of the healthcare industry, a strongly data-driven ecosystem. The report explores how blockchain could help to find and/or make better use of the huge amount of health-related data.

3) the challenges faced in the administration of healthcare. The report analyses the contribution of blockchain in re-shaping healthcare ecosystems by bringing together all players in the system on one platform and enable new models of healthcare distribution (towards a stronger decentralisation).

4) the COVID-19 pandemic. The report -prepared during the height of COVID-19- is also looking at how the blockchain community has been responding to the crisis.

The European Blockchain Observatory and Forum engages in analysis and reporting on a wide range of important blockchain themes, driven by the priorities of the European Commission, and based on input from its Working Groups and other stakeholders. As these insights become available, the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum creates a series of academic and thematic reports, which are available here: https://www.eublockchainforum.eu/reports