CHERRIES Calls for Solutions open on February 15th

We ended 2020 evaluating the results of CHERRIES regional calls for needs. As a result of the 3 regional calls, CHERRIES pilot regions (Murcia, Cyprus and Orebro) selected a challenge each and developed dedicated calls for solutions.

The three calls will open on Monday, February 15th.

Each call will stay open for 2 months and will result in the selection of one solution per challenge that will be implemented over a 10 month period, with a financial support of 50000€ (lump sum).

According to CHERRIES methodology, each solution will be tailored to the specific context and co-developed with the relevant territorial stakeholders.

CHERRIES partners will provide mentoring support to the granted solutions and will help them embedding Responsible Innovation principles and practices into their projects.

Each call will have a dedicated page, accessible either through CHERRIES website homepage or the regional ecosystems’ pages.