CHERRIES Murcia | Submit your solution to the PROGRESS challenge

Murcia, in the framework of the CHERRIES project, has launched a call for digital health companies.

Following the CHERRIES model, the Region of Murcia has detected 1 healthcare challenge to be solved by technology. The selected company will have the opportunity to co-create the solutions hand in hand with healthcare professionals, IoT experts and patients and will receive funding – up to € 50,000.

The objective of the challenge is to achieve the early detection of the progression in Multiple Sclerosis by applying sensors to patients by the Internet of Things (IoT) further than the current test face to face every 6 or 12 months. The main aim is to carry out a controlled clinical trial with at least 30 patients for 5 months.

A webinar was organised last March 24th, 2021. It counted with the participation of the organizations that proposed the challenge and provided additional information on the call launched. At the end of the webinar, a question and answer session was opened.