CHERRIES regional calls for needs are open! Shape responsible healthcare ecosystems in Murcia, Örebro and Cyprus

CHERRIES territorial pilots kick started last week by launching the regional calls for needs.

The needs inventory is an important part of CHERRIES project as it determines the direction of the pilots that will be launched later on.

Do you see a need that needs to be met in the regional healthcare sector? Take your chance to influence and contribute in the project!
The CHERRIES project aims to find new, innovative solutions to meet health challenges through responsible and sustainable approaches.

The CHERRIES project takes a clear bottom-up perspective when developing new solutions to meet health challenges. This means that we call organizations as well as individuals and professionals who are directly or indirectly concerned by an issue to be involved in influencing. The opportunity to describe a need is therefore open to healthcare organizations, healthcare individuals and professionals and healthcare stakeholder organizations, private individuals, persons involved in civil society and officials within, for example, the municipality or region.

Each territory has adjusted the call to its peculiarities, therefore addressing different sub-sectors and target audiences. Look at each regional call and submit your need by November 30th







What happens next?

All needs reported via the form will be analysed and assessed. The assessment team will look, among other things, at the importance of the need, whether it affects many people, and whether it is possible to develop solutions and carry out a pilot project within the framework of the CHERRIES.

Any needs reported will help us increase our understanding of this issue, so even if the very need you report if not is the subject of a pilot project, it is valuable information for us in other work outside of this project!