inDemand Stories are out!

inDemand has released the success stories resulting from the co-creation and business support provided by inDemand in Murcia, Paris and Oulu regions. Learn more about the challenges identified, the co-created solutions and the participants that made it possible.

inDemand stories are a two-pages visual case study with qualitative and quantitative information that describes the original challenge encountered by the Healthcare organisation as well as the Solution co-created and the co-creation and business support participants that made it possible.

Testimonials from the co-creation participants and end-users are also included to strengthen the credibility of the inDemand model and solutions. inDemand stories are accessible via the inDemand website and a dissemination campaign is planed:


About inDemand

Digital Health solutions with a high chance of success because they have been proposed and developed side by side with healthcare organizations

inDemand is a new model where Healthcare organizations and companies co-create Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of public regional funds.

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