Insights from CHERRIES General Assembly #2

16-18 June 2020. CHERRIES team gathered online for its second General Assembly.

After six months from the kick off meeting held in Vienna last January, consortium partners took this opportunity to take stock of the activities carried out so far and to plan the next steps.

CHERRIES | Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an EU funded project aimed at enabling Responsible, Research and Innovation  policy experiments in the healthcare sector in three European territories – in Murcia (ES)Örebro (SE) and the Republic of Cyprus (CY).

As you can imagine, working with stakeholders of the healthcare sector in the last few months has not been so easy as they were fully absorbed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, partners turned this challenge into an opportunity, using those months to go deeper in the regional mapping exercises that the colleagues from University of Leiden are leading. You’ll read soon about the state of the art of CHERRIES mapping process, which is looking at the relevant regional stakeholders and policies in the healthcare sector (a dedicated news will be released in the coming days).

At the same time, partners have been working on the definition of the pilot procedures and supporting documents by looking at existing good practices and materials that could inform the CHERRIES methodology. K&I and CYRIC are working together with the other regional partners (in Cyprus, Murcia and Orebro) to get ready for the launch of the regional call for needs in early autumn.

After the summer break the three regions will call healthcare stakeholders to join dedicated awareness raising and training events that will kick-start the activities in and with the territories.

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In the meantime, ZSI and EBN are working with the Advisory Board members to prepare a very interesting webinar series aimed at provoking some discussions and reflections around RRI, regional smart specialisation strategies,  the peculiarities of the healthcare innovation system and how demand driven approaches can lead to the procurement of innovative entrepreneurial solutions. We will be mixing academic insights with practical examples from public actors, businesses, funders, CSOs and business support organisations.

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Author: Chiara Davalli, EBN (Senior Project Leader) |@ChiaraDavalli @EUBIC @EBNimpact