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CHERRIES is calling European companies to solve the "Early detection of progression in Multiple Sclerosis" challenge

Closed Call
CALL OPENS: Feb 15, 2021
CALL ENDS: Apr 15, 2021

The Challenge:

The objective of the challenge is to achieve the early detection of the progression in Multiple Sclerosis applying sensors to patients by Internet of Things (IoT) further than current test face to face every 6 or 12 months. The main aim is to carry out a controlled clinical trial with at least 30 patients during 5 months.

In order to guarantee that the developed solutions are aligned with the values, needs and expectations of the society, CHERRIES foster the engagement of societal actors, professionals and patients, therefore the development of the solution needs to include interactions with all the actors (healthcare, professionals and patients) including mainly those involved in the definition of the need: EMACC the Association for Multiple Sclerosis of Cartagena, the Biomedical Engineering group from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Neurology Service of Cartagena Hospital.

Read the full description of the challenge here,  CHERRIES Murcia_Complete description of the challenge

Why should you apply:

  • Co-develop and validate the solution with the challenge promoter
  • Receive 50000€ to develop your solution over 10 months*
  • Mentoring support to ensure smooth development and implementation of the solution
  • If the pilot is successful the SMS will ensure its continuity once the pilot phase within the project is over.

* The chosen solution provider will receive a lump sum of 50.000€ that should cover any cost needed for the development of the solution, including personnel costs, and specified travelling during the co-creation phase (minimum 3 meetings during the implementation of the pilot).

Who can apply:

Registered Legal entities in any EU or EU associated countries according to the H2020 rules. Please note that the co-creation process will be carried out in Spanish, so applicants must be able to communicate in Spanish.

Application process:

Applications must be submitted in English in PDF format to this Email: before the deadline, 15 April 2021.

Selection process:

Before the evaluation process, the completeness of documentation and eligibility of each submitted proposal will be assessed. In conformity with the eligibility criteria, in justified cases, the applicants may be requested to provide additional explanations clarifying some inconsistencies of their proposal but no changes to the application documentation are allowed once the application is submitted. Complementary documentation or information will be electronically requested and submitted via a dedicated email. If so, applicants may dispose on 7-calendar day term to correct or provide documents to complete their initial application.

  • In the first phase of the evaluation process those applications that fulfill the eligibility criteria will be assessed individually by the Selection Committee.
  • In the second phase of the evaluation process, the top 2-3 solution providers will be invited to an online session where they will be able to present to members of the Selection Committee their proposed solutions and will be able to answer to the questions and doubts of the Selection Committee members. After this session the Selection Committee will meet in order to choose the final Solution Provider.
  • The decision of the Selection Committee will be made public and all the applicants will receive a notification of the outcome.


Please submit your questions to

Please notice that all questions and related answers will be published in the “CHERRIES Murcia Call for Solutions_FAQ” document.


Call for solutions Murcia, CHERRIES Murcia_Call for Solutions

Full description of the need, CHERRIES Murcia_Complete description of the challenge

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Declaration of Honour, Declaration of Honour_CHERRIES Murcia

CHERRIES Murcia Call for Solutions_FAQ, FAQcall for solutions_ CHERRIES Murcia_31 March 2021

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