CHERRIES solutions to regional healthcare challenges – discover them all!

Earlier this year we launched our call for solutions in the regions involved in the CHERRIES project. Following a series of activities, each region identified a challenge they were interested in addressing using the CHERRIES methodology.The pilot projects selected respond to these challenges by using the CHERRIES methodology which emphasises co-creation and co-design with the involved stakeholders.
Our selected solution for the Murcia Challenge – MS CARE – Multiple Sclerosis care by PULSO EDICIONES S.L.
In the Murcia region, the selected CHERRIES solution is convening action to develop better solution for targeting the early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. MSProgress is an ICT solution to the early diagnostic of Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Usually, the progression of MS is identified with periodic check-ups every 3 to 6 months, consisting of questions and neurological examination using different types of standardized tests. Patients and neurologists need a faster and more sensitive way to detect MS progression so that treatment can be started as early as possible to avoid disability. To target this unmet need, partners in the Murcia region have selected MS Progression as the solution to the challenge. In the framework of this project, an on-demand ICT solution named MSProgress is being developed, integrating a smartwatch onto an eHealth platform and using a kinetic algorithm for real time and accurate patient movement analysis.
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Our selected solution for the Örebro Challenge – Seniors leading seniors to a more meaningful and healthier everyday life in Laxå municipality
Using the CHERRIES methodology, partners in the region identified loneliness amongst the elderly as a significant challenge. The CHERRIES Örebro pilot project focuses on collaboration and co-creation between the municipality, the local health centre and several NGOs to break and prevent involuntary loneliness among elderly. The project approaches the challenge of loneliness amongst the elderly through a two-part solution. The first part consist of an outreach program that will identify the target group using the collaborating organisations and networks in the area. The second part will initiate an arena where the target group can meet and where a number of activities will be offered designed with their inputs.
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Our selected solution for the Cyprus Challenge – Doctors Hello 
In Cyprus, using the CHERRIES methodology we identified access to healthcare for those living in remote areas as the challenge we wanted to find an answer to. Doctors Hello is a peer-to-peer ecosystem, which provides innovative telemedicine services developed to support real-world healthcare based on real-time distributed data. Doctors Hello aims to provide accessibility and quality medical services to the population of Cypriot villages without easy access to medical services, enabling them to access healthcare advice without travelling long distances or crossing checkpoint borders. Overall, it helps people to gain access to healthcare services, supporting eHealth and real telemedicine services through real-time telemetry and teleconsultation.
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