CHERRIES Regional Training Workshops | what’s happening in #CHERRIESregions?

After the summer break, on the basis of preliminary results of the mapping/analysis of the regional healthcare stakeholders and policy ecosystems as well as the innovation support ecosystems, territorial partners began to work on the preparation of the RRI policy experiments in the three pilot regions, with the aim to finalise CHERRIES methodology by the end of the year.

In each region, territorial partners arranged several initiatives aimed at kick staring CHERRIES activities at local level by involving different stakeholders and presenting the RRI-driven project approach in the healthcare sector. Through the active involvement of a broad range of actors CHERRIES aims at supporting regional actors:

  1. in the definition of unmet needs and innovation demand in health,
  2. in the co-creation of the innovative solutions meeting the identified needs/demand, and
  3. in the decision making process concerning innovation policies of regional healthcare ecosystems in Europe.

In this framework, during October and November territorial partners arranged regional “Training workshops” aimed at engaging and preparing the local system of stakeholders for the experimental phase of the project. These events were designed in collaboration with K&I  as an itinerary of reflection and capacity building on RRI-based demand articulation, experimentation, and co-creation processes in health by involving key territorial multipliers and stakeholders of the Healthcare R&I ecosystem (providers, policymakers, payors, patients).

Training workshops were also aimed at initiating/fostering multi-stakeholder dialogues among different key territorial and societal actors in view of a possible establishment of a territorial coalition (community) on Responsible/Open Innovation in health which might provide sustainability to the process activated through CHERRIES pilots.

In each region the design of the training workshops was adapted accordingly to local stakeholders’ habits and territorial preconditions.

If you want to know more about the regional training events, stay tuned with Cherries Website, in the space devoted to the three regional ecosystems:


Author: Claudia Colonnello, Knowledge and Innovation | @KnowledgeInnov