Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare | Insights from CHERRIES webinar #4

How does RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) fit into Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3)? How can European Regions leverage their diversities to boost innovation?

This question opened the 4th and last episode of CHERRIES webinar dedicated to “Regional innovation ecosystems for healthcare”, which took place on October 13th 2020, and saw Dr. Gaston Heimeriks (CWTS, Leiden University| Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University) and Anett Ruszanov (ERRIN) on stage.

Gaston Heimeriks opened its presentation with a reflection on how regions can shape not only smart innovation strategies, but also inclusive and sustainable – in other words, responsible smart specialisation innovation strategies. He then presented the role regional stakeholders play in enabling such a responsible approach: mapping regional policies and regional actors is a key starting point to shape regional innovation policies that can better address today societal challenges.

Anett Ruszanov then dived into the role regional ecosystems play in/for the healthcare sector. Diversity is a must at subnational levels, such as the regional one. Each region presents its own innovation ecosystem, with its model and processes. Anett spoke about the dynamism of innovation ecosystems that are in constant evolution and presented how different regions present different approaches to meet societal needs.

The session was closed by CHERRIES coordinator, Stefan Philipp (ZSI) who made some considerations on the main outcomes of the whole CHERRIES webinar series.

If you missed the session you can watch the recordings here.

You can also download the presentations here:

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