European regions wanting to join the CHERRIES Community for innovation

CHERRIES, is a European project aiming at developing a model on which RRI, demand-side policy and territorial innovation models –such as S3 – are interlinked to support research and innovation policy within the territory. To validate this model, 3 partner regions, Murcia (ES), Örebro (SE), and the Republic of Cyprus (CY) have been selected to deal with 3 healthcare challenges identified in the region through a co-creation process.

In order to create sustainability and spread the model beyond the initial territories, CHERRIES aims to create a community of stakeholders engaged in similar approaches.

Under this aim, CHERRIES is conducting a call for mirror regions to replicate the model in other three regions from EU and associated states. The participants are expected to form a consortium of more than two organisations –public administration and private entities— This regional consortium will mobilise their own resources to identify and work with a challenge, not restricted to healthcare sector.

The Mirror regions will receive one-on-one coaching to exchange know-how, practices, resources and receive periodic follow-up on the CHERRIES’ learnings and its updates. Travel expenses covering and coaching support will be given only to these three chosen mirror regions.

As a second step, the call will remain open for further regions willing to replicate the CHERRIES model within their territories. The objective is to promote a pan-European Community of stakeholders interested on CHERRIES objectives. This Community will exchange know-how, promising practices, and resources; to become the natural place to receive personalised explanations and periodic follow up on the CHERRIES learnings and its updates.

Being member of the CHERRIES Community will allow the regions to

  • To more efficiently utilise your regional funds to foster innovation within your region within the framework of RRI policies
  • To implement a new co-creation and demand-driven model in your region to facilitate the uptake of the innovation, ensuring the application of RRI principles
  • To foster the capacity of public entities to systematically identify and solve their needs while creating opportunities for private companies.
  • To replicate the CHERRIES model under the close, advise of the three CHERRIES regions. CHERRIES Mirror Regions will benefit from a one-to-one support on how to implement the validated CHERRIES model in their territories, saving time, energy, and efforts to avoid failure and risk.

Candidate regions are to submit the proposal in a Consortium that replicates the same constellation of stakeholders defined in the CHERRIES model, this is stakeholder dealing with business support, regional development, public bodies with a sectorial approach, among others.

Submit your trial application sending this word document to the email



If you missed the webinar on how to apply to the Call for Mirror Regions and you want to become one of the 3 Mirror regions or/and member of the #CHERRIES community but you have questions related to the application?


We have recorded it for you.

We also added the presentation of the webinar so you do not lose detail.